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  1. Why not run a MEMU on Badnera-Amravati route?
  2. Ticket cancellation query
  3. New Rake For Duronto stabled in Ambattur RS
  4. Possibility of Extension of 22133/22134 (SUR-YPR-SUR) Express to Pune & Link to SC
  5. WDP4 link for CBE- TCR passenger- Overkill?
  6. New Guard at Rail ministry..
  7. Augmentation of AC Coaches in SF/Mail/EXP
  8. [TRIP] On board the AC DD Express towards Vadodara
  9. Status of Doubling between Viramgam Jn. - Surendranagar - Rajkot
  10. [TRIP] A rocket journey through 12314.
  11. High W/L in 1AC
  12. Railway Board Monitored Trains
  13. [TRIP] Journey by 22134 North East Karnataka superfast
  14. Electrified Section for a train route in 40% to 60% range (of total journey distance)
  15. Regarding 05034 reversal at Achhnera
  16. No major disruptions on KR, this monsoon
  18. Mumbai Luggage Coach
  19. 12309/12310 PNBE Raj will run with 21 coaches permanently!
  20. Factors affecting average speed of a train in a section ?
  21. Complusory ID proofs for sleeper
  22. loco link enquiry
  23. SBC - MYS line doubling and electrification?
  24. wadi-sc electrification status
  25. Shimoga-Talguppa Rail Bus - The Bull Run
  26. DQ Passenger suffers cardiac arrest
  27. Loco link request for 15631/2 Guwahati - Barmer
  28. Arunachal Express
  29. SCR- Diversion and Regulation of Trains & Railradar with Diverted train status
  30. Observation of Deepavali Special Trains by SR
  31. Un-Reserved Junction stations
  32. Electric Loco Outturn Position
  33. Is it the DQ in 'Mile Sur' video?
  34. [TRIP] 16731 Bangalore to Madurai
  35. 12909 GR trailing 12953 AK Raj (Dep date 03/11/2012)
  36. Train which pass through most tourist attraction towns.
  37. confusion amount many passengers due to delay and rescheduling of falaknuma
  38. Mumbai - Chennai- Mumbai
  39. [TRIP] Unreserved after a decade in the same train 12622 BZA-NGP 28-10-2012
  40. Question about signal
  41. Trip Report (The Bong Connection)-Bankura-Howrah-Pune
  42. chennai-madurai-trivandrum durantos
  43. Why are there no trains passing through any of Mumbai's main stations?
  44. [TRIP] 12861 tdd-ngp 29-10-2012
  45. Current MG sections and their remaining life
  46. Should IR Introduce a Winter Timetable ?
  47. 100% electrified track State/Union Territory
  48. [TRIP] Amar goes home to Jhihuli
  49. [TRIP] Blistering ride in 12033
  50. "There is NO concept of Auto Upgradation"
  51. [TRIP] 17:00 Ambarnath Fast
  52. Most AC coaches per week between city-pairs?
  53. Why CBC rakes?? Uncomfortable journey by 12624 TVC-MAS Mail
  54. Is the new Rail Radar website revealing Too Much Information (security risk) ?
  55. No superfast train between Mumbai and Bangalore
  56. Expansion of Tirupati Railway Station
  57. Indian Railways budget Issues
  58. Imagine, when you can't see the beautiful non-electrified single line tracks.
  59. Is revenue from general coaches more than from SL coaches?
  60. Restricting sale of PF tickets to avoid crowding on platforms?
  61. Uniquely placed Itarsi Jn
  62. Any train having an ATM on board?
  63. Is there any news on running MMTS on SC - BMO.
  64. Monthly tickets-EMU ride-Daily commuters.
  65. Romancing the train
  66. Query about gr
  67. Any information about new line between pune and ghorpadi
  68. [TRIP] From Balasore to Bangriposi (in Orissa)
  69. [TRIP] Dreaming through the windows of 12259
  70. Loco change for a short distance
  71. Ban on Transporting Bikes - Does it Still Remain?
  72. Genset loco factory for India
  73. [TRIP] Madurai to Bangalore City by 16731
  74. Shatabdi between SC-VSKP, Central state minister for IR is proposing
  75. Why such kind of section controlling ?
  76. Guwahati - New Delhi LHB AC Special (NFR Rake)
  77. [TRIP] Meandering through nature
  78. Side Middle Berths
  79. One year of 12025 /26
  80. Why EMU not work on Ghat Sections
  81. Kjm wdm-2 16670
  82. Food prepared in pantry car.
  83. Double line sections with no Superfast train running
  84. WR/CR new station design in Mumbai?
  85. WAP7 link query to any BBS bound train
  86. Are BHEL Locos homed only at Ludhiana and Jhansi sheds ?
  87. Yeshwanthpur to Chikbanavara Electrification in Progress
  88. [TRIP] Wadi-GTL-RU Electrification/Doubling updates
  89. Introduction of "New Trains"
  90. Pair of stations having only superfast trains between them.
  91. Train exbiting the history of Indian Railways possible?
  92. Junctions with no originating train
  93. [TRIP] 16315 14-Nov-2012 ( All 2012 series 23 coaches)
  94. [TRIP] The Empty Train
  95. Re-introduction Of ladies coupe in SL.
  96. Why excessive delay in today's hwh rajdhani?
  97. Sampoorna Kranti LHB rake back at RCF
  98. Gevra Road Nagpur Express- Unique train
  99. Happy to see the pace of work for construction of escalators at SC.
  100. Are overaged WDM-2's only used for shunting purpose now.
  101. Mumbai Raj with 21 coaches and a new Rajdhani(from CSTM)
  102. Chalukya express- Tatkal quota
  103. Secunderabad Rajdhani and SC-SHM A/C express
  104. New Train Numbers in IRCTC
  105. No markings in sleeper coaches of GHY-ERS/TVC
  106. How reliable are the tech halts of durontos...
  107. The new longest EMU service on IR
  108. [TRIP] 12301 hwh ndls rajdhani
  109. Max no of reversal
  110. [TRIP] 12991 1st Class Journey
  111. Bankra Nayabaj a junction station?
  112. proposal of solapur-goa express
  113. 22845 pune hatia superfast exp completes one year
  114. IR junction classification based on number of lines meeting
  115. MUTP-II rakes will use dark violet
  116. Prohibition on hawking, etc. and begging as per Railway Law.
  117. Do we have a possibility of ceremonial parade of old Loco's(Steam, Diesel, Elec).
  118. The Curious Case of 2 Seat Quota in Howrah Raj (MGS-HWH)
  119. Connectivity from Mumbai to Agra
  120. Query on Quotas
  121. New trains to be launched shortly including two Durontos and one Shatabdi
  122. Neral Matheran reservation not available online
  123. [TRIP] A successful attempt to traverse all the local trains stations of Mumbai in a Day.
  124. Explorer Pass in IR
  125. [TRIP] A crazy Monday in October : Part 1
  126. Return to Joychandipahar
  127. Monetise Assets of Railways: - An article by Ex-MD IRFC
  128. SC railway manages to run a WAG 5 in unwired territory
  129. Doubts regarding 12041/2 HWH NJP Shatabdi
  130. Aqueduct acoss railway lines
  131. Availability status in 12263
  132. [TRIP] A crazy Monday in October : Part 2
  133. Food quality and quantity being served onboard 12429/30 SBC RAJ
  134. Query regarding 22212/22211 Ajmer-Nizamuddin Duronto
  135. No technical halt for Jaipur-Mumbai Duronto at Kota
  136. NDSL - CDG AC Double Decker Soon
  137. Train links of LPs and ALPs
  138. Pure LHB and LHB Hybrid coaches in a same rake formation
  139. No booking option in IRCTC even when seat are available
  140. [TRIP] A crazy Monday in October : Part 3
  141. 2411/2412 NZM-JBP-NZM Gondwana Express
  142. Question regarding LHB rake allocation
  143. Loco Link for CSTM - Kanniaykumari Exp
  144. WAG-9's in SBC area?
  145. Rajkot To Mumbai New Train Required
  146. Why not Rayadurg - Tumkur new line be changed to Rayadurg - Hindupur
  147. Coach composition details on IR's website!
  148. Trains having highest berths/seats for each class in GN quota
  149. Confusing and conflicting News paper reports - Now about Jaipur - Agra Shatabdi
  150. An analysis on train accidents in IR
  151. [TRIP] Bangalore City to Coimbatore by Ernakulam Intercity 25th Nov 2012
  152. [TRIP] Bangalore City to Coimbatore by Ernakulam Intercity 25th Nov 2012
  153. Porbandar Chennai Central SF Express
  154. Waiting Lists crackling downwards on some trains
  155. Mumbai - Bengaluru via Konkan Railway route
  156. Fire in GT Exp: Now in a AC Coach.
  157. [TRIP] A crazy Monday in October : Part 4
  158. [TRIP] 12106 Vidarbha express
  159. [TRIP] A North Indian Sojourn Part I
  160. Total number of trains running on IR
  161. [TRIP] NGP-NZM on board LHB 12429
  162. [TRIP] 12612 ngp-bza 06-11-2012
  163. [TRIP] 12722 ngp-tdd 22-11-2012
  164. [TRIP] 12861 tdd-ngp 27-11-2012
  165. A view about Special Trains run by IR
  166. [TRIP] Chettinad Beckons -Part I
  167. [TRIP] 22681 between Bangalore city and Chennai-7th Nov 2012
  168. [TRIP] Chettinad Beckons -Part II
  169. Platform allocations in SBC in mornings
  170. [TRIP] Pune - Indore by 9311
  171. Telescopic Rates of Tickets
  172. [trip] dq + railfanning at kelve road + diesel run
  173. List of trains with high reservation demand
  174. [TRIP] PUNE - SC by 12025
  175. 2 Tier Sleeper Class
  176. Doubling in Gujarat State
  177. Electrification status while going to North Bengal from HWH/SDAH/KOAA
  178. [TRIP] Chettinad Beckons -Part III
  179. [TRIP] Chettinad Beckons -Part IV
  180. [TRIP] Railfan trip to Odela, the MPS zone.
  181. WDM1 WDM2 combo
  182. [TRIP]: Perambur - MAS, A WAP's day out
  183. [TRIP] Chennai Central Krishnarajapuram by 12292-10th Nov 2012
  184. A New Passenger Station Born - New Katni Jn. (NKJ)
  185. Railway Map of India by night
  186. Train with the longest gap between Two Commercial Halts- Non Duronto
  187. A Horrible Train with a Beautiful Name
  188. [TRIP] Train Trip to Bandhavgarh
  189. Circular Journey Tickets Northern Railways
  190. Double Decker
  191. MRVC rake for MRTS unit !!
  192. Berth Preference in Double Decker
  193. SHM-PNBE Duronto
  194. Strange Case of Current Booking not being allowed
  195. Online Survey for High Speed Rail on IRCTC website
  196. Number of Platforms and pitlines in IR
  197. [TRIP] Trip to Ranthambhore
  198. [TRIP] A night journey to Simaluguri
  199. AC rakes for WR suburban - a big joke!
  200. Marwar Nathdwara Gauge Conversion
  201. [TRIP] Rajkot to Vadodara by Hapa Tirunelveli Superfast Express
  202. Is TAAG is relevent in fast changing sceniro in IR?
  203. Possibilities of new section between HYB-RJY ?
  204. MG and NG lines currently running in Indian Railways
  205. [TRIP] North Indian Sojourn Part II
  206. Transit/Railway Map
  207. AC first Class introduction in certain trains.
  208. [TRIP] Additional fob needed at tambaram
  209. [TRIP] North Indian Sojourn Part III
  210. Trailing Narrow Gauge: Katwa Jn Ahmadpur Jn
  211. [TRIP] 12835 from Tirupati to Yeshvantapur
  212. Loco Links of 16127 MS - GUV Express
  213. [TRIP] LTT-ERS Duronto
  214. Egmore-Dadar 12164 Chennai exp delayed by hours!
  215. [TRIP] A circular journey from Mumbai-Pune (12127 and 11026)
  216. Kollam Tenkashi Ghat
  217. Tender regarding Surendranagar Rajkot Doubling
  218. Visit to Chennai Rail Museum
  219. auto degradation
  220. [TRIP] Round Trip: MS-MAS by 3 trains - Part I
  221. [TRIP] 12289 ngp duronto
  222. Train running late after mgs
  223. Reversal of Pune Howrah Duranto at Manmad
  224. Does growth of telcom sector is a threat to IR Business?
  225. [TRIP] Round Trip: MS-MAS by 3 trains on Nov 9: Part II
  226. 12847 HWH-DGHA seasonal Duronto
  227. Porbandar Santragachi Kavi Guru Superfast Express
  228. New Trains between Patna - Bangalore with LHB Coaches.
  229. [TRIP] A mega trip on well known superfasts of CR and riding the big boss of SR!
  230. Few observations on my trip - PUNE-SC-VSKP-SC-PUNE
  231. Darjeeling Mail Slip coaches discontinued
  232. Career Graph of MAS division LPs...
  233. RLGN W/L clearing - 16338
  234. Konkan - Tips and tricks to plan a better trip (Inputs required)
  235. [TRIP] Railfanning ABCDEFG - Two memorable days (Part 1)
  236. [TRIP] Railfanning ABCDEFG - Two memorable days (Part 2)
  237. Electrification status of jat-juc section
  238. [TRIP] A Dayout at the Heaven of High Speed Action!
  239. Railparade @ BINA
  240. 16593-16594 - Bangalore Nanded Express
  241. What's wrong with KR?
  242. LHB Rakes outtturn from ICF
  243. BG Sections having no Mail/Express and Superfast Trains
  244. Blue Parcel Service
  245. Trip Report: Winter in Punjab onboard the New Delhi-Chandigarh Shatabdi
  246. [TRIP] Round Trip: MS-MAS by 3 trains on Nov 9: Part III
  247. [TRIP] Across the Shiradi Ghats
  248. [TRIP] The Holiday Special!
  249. Now CR to convert 4 MRVC cabs to Handicap coaches
  250. How to PROHIBIT Passengers using TECHNICAL HALTS for Durantos