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  1. Feasibility of re-introducing Mahanadi Express
  2. New Superfasts added with few halts v/s Old Superfasts with Multiple halts
  3. Fog of North India
  4. WTT of Dahanu Borivali section in Open line
  5. Re-scheduling Nzm-Chennai Rajdhani/Duronto
  6. Speeding up the shatabdis between bangalore and chennai
  7. SBC-Goa connection
  8. NDLS-JAT SHATABDI after electrification of JAT-JUC section
  9. Mangalore Central to Velankanni via Tiruchchirappalli Jn
  10. Extension of Chennai Egmore (MS)-Salem(SA) express to Coimbatore(CBE)
  11. Metre Gauge from Jaipur Jnc.
  12. 19567 Vivek Express from MDU or TN??
  13. Connectivity between BCT/BDTS(Mumbai) and VRL(Veraval)
  14. Predicting trains in NFR after completion of all projects.
  15. Re-scheduling MAS-CBE Duronto
  16. Mathura stop deleted for AP express
  17. Diversion track in route of pithapuram to samalkot
  18. Swap in the arrival timings of 16178 and 16176 in MS
  19. Feasibility of a Mysore-Dadar Express in following route and timings
  20. First Long Distance M/E Trains from Major Stations
  21. Feasibility of Nagpur Aurangabad Express
  22. ALD-HW-ALD Express Cancelled
  23. Ticket Quota from Trivandrum in 16332
  24. Feasibility of a Mysore Secunderabad Express
  25. Feasibility study for Secunderabad-Rajhamundry Shatabdi express
  26. Extension of Miraj - Hubli Passenger to Guntakal ?
  27. Scheduling at BRC around midnight
  28. Non existence of Express trains on a 183km strech track
  29. Superb Slot created by WR for 09025 BDTS JP SU FA SPL
  30. Query about the 17609 & 17610
  31. CSTM-SNSI Duronto or Garib Rath
  32. feasibility of Delhi-Mumbai a/c express via Rewari-Phulera-Ajmer-Ahmedabad
  33. Feasibility of a SBC-RMM Express
  34. Too many weeklies between Bangalore and Kerala
  35. Feasibility of BCT- KGM/BE weekly non-SF exp via JP
  36. Howrah-Dhanbad AC DD Express- Resheduled & Renumbered.
  37. Possibility of connecting Chandigarh with Udhampur
  38. Possibility of Chennai - Udupi via Bangalore, Mysore, Hasan, Subramanya Road
  39. Shalimar Puri Shalimar Specials
  40. Proposal of Intercity Express between Bellary and Tirupati
  41. CSTM-HWH Duronto Technical Halts.
  42. Night restriction on HWH-CSTM route removed
  43. Solapur-New Delhi Connectivity
  44. Guntakal Hindupur Passenger/57437 -- Extension to SBC
  45. feasibility of KYQ-NJP & NJP-SDAH intercities with RSA
  46. Rake sharing between 12071/2 and 12051/2
  47. Coach Number DR 1: What is this all about?
  48. Feasibility of SC HWH Duranto
  49. Speed of KSK between KCG and YPR.
  50. Feasibility of SBC-SC Weekly Duronto
  51. No system in numbering of Mumbai WR suburban trains
  52. Feasibility of Mumbai CST - ERS superfast (or full AC) with following timings -
  53. Possibility of Speeding up 7651/52 KCG-MS Exp
  54. Why no stopping of Bangalore Rajadhani at GTL
  55. Intercity Express between Guntakal and Hubli
  56. Mumbai - Gudur Express
  57. increase in speed of WR trains possible?
  58. Feasibility of SBC - Whitefiled and YPR - Whitefield Passenger Services
  59. Need for a SF ICE from CBE to YPR
  60. Train No - 21028
  61. Feasibility of a Chennai-tanjore Intercity
  62. Feasibility to extend 12609/10 till Mysore
  63. Feasibility of a Super Fast Between SBC & BZA
  64. 12563/12564 LTT-Faizabad Exp. has started halting at Jabalpur
  65. Commercial stops at mzp and anvr for sealdah duronto
  66. Skipping of Raj Nandgaon
  67. Stopagges at Msh& pnu of 12548 deleted
  68. Luxury trains in India like palace on wheels etc....
  69. Inflated distance in Budhni ghat section
  70. When will TT of Summer Holiday specials be declared?
  71. Feasibility of Janashadaran/ICE between SC and VSKP
  72. Bdts dee via ju , ringus
  73. Proposed Dahanu Virar Timetable
  74. Express is slower than Passenger!
  75. New Duronto Routes
  76. Addition of new halt
  77. Saving SWARAJ from getting overtaken (proposed TT)
  78. Sealdh Puri Duronto Express
  79. Sorting out the Gondwana Exp puzzle.. the masterstroke.
  80. New trains via narkhed amravati new line.
  81. Dadar Yesvantpur Chalukya Exp to be extended till Puduchery and Tirunelveli
  82. 22452 to overtake surya nagri exp
  83. Kottapalem station near Vizag?
  84. Train No.19407/19408 Ahmedabad-Varanasi Weekly Express
  85. Beat me if you can
  86. possible timing of coa sc ac express
  87. Possible timing and scheduling of Yeshwantpur -- Kochuveli AC express
  88. Jhansi to Nizamuddin- nearly 400 km covered in approx 4 1/2 hours
  89. Possible schedule of coimbatore bikaner ac express
  90. Maximum trains to cover India at a Particular Station
  91. Schedule of 09721 Delhi nonstop and jaipur dd
  92. Proposed new train between NDLS and Pune
  93. Propose a route for Mas to Nasik Via ( AWB, NED, MMR)
  94. Summer Secial Time Table 2012
  95. More rajdhani specials required
  96. Longest distance on single line
  97. Possible schedule of LTT-Kamakhya AC Exp.
  98. Pair of stations having day journey acco and overnight journey acc
  99. Timing of MAS Duronto at nagpur.
  100. The expected time table of Jabalpur Singrauli intercity express
  101. Divert SareJahan express to Ahmadabad instead of extending KOAA-AII express
  102. From Mumbai Port to Roha Stn Routes and booking
  103. Rakes needed for TVC Raj schedule.
  104. Rakes needed for DBRT RAJ
  105. Schedule of the 12382 poorva at ald
  106. 12424/ 12423 dibrugarh rajdhani is daily
  107. Proposed time schedule of the PUNE AMRAVATI (Bi-Weekly) Exp
  108. All india timetable's of 1983
  109. 16031 getting patronage at NGNT
  110. Proposed Asansol_Chennai Express
  111. Sanghamitra exp belongs to which zone.. ?
  112. What is the procedure for preparing time schedules of new trains?
  113. Possible schedule of Habibganj Indore AC Double Decker
  114. Chakradharpur-Bhubaneshwar One day Examination Special
  115. Will 22209 NDLS Duronto overtake 12431 TVC Raj
  116. Trains not touching state capital or NCR with 1 A
  117. maharashtra sampark kranti express 12908/12907
  118. Proposed time table for indore yeshwentpur
  119. Largest distance by a superfast
  120. Old Kanchenjunga Express Time table
  121. One more ac special in delhi - mumbai route
  122. MMR-LTT Rajya-Rani will halt at Thane from 15 may 2012
  123. 12609 MAS-SBC Express getting consistently delayed
  124. Historic Mumbai suburban timetables?
  125. New Secunderabad-Darbhanga Bi-weekly
  126. Suggestion to start a new Rajadhani service to Kerala
  127. Dahod Halt removed for 12910 NZM BDTS Garib Rath Express?
  128. What will be the fastest viable timing between SBC and Pune/Ltt
  129. Rake for Train No. 07227
  130. Old Time tables
  131. Pairs of stations having ONLY night-trains
  132. Run of 12104 Lucknow -Pune Exp from Bhopal to Pune
  133. Should Indore Pune be declare as Superfast when compared with avantika Express?
  134. Amritsar - Shimla: Will this connection work?
  135. Slack time for 2952?
  136. vizag New trains likely timetable as per local news
  137. Watching the luxury trains: Timetables?
  138. scheduling of mas dur and bsp raj
  139. PANVEL halt deleted for 16337/8 ERS-OKHA-ERS
  140. Problem between MAS-GDR?
  141. Push-Pull service between VR-DRD
  142. Vapi a Tech halt for MarusagarExpress ?
  143. Number of Regional Time Tables
  144. Pachora-Jamner Timings
  145. Pushpak express schedule
  146. Proposed trans from MAS to SHM/PURI/VSKP
  147. Late running of Pushpak Express?
  148. 16221/16222 Kaveri Express to be 23 coacher
  149. Pair of stations having day trains only
  150. Change in Pune ERS express needed
  151. Site for downloading zonewise time tables
  152. Shipra express becoming a superfast
  153. Time Table Design and Symmetrical Timings
  154. Late running of 2213/2214
  155. New Schedule of Gowthami SF Express/12738 from JULY 1st.
  156. Change in timing of Bangalore-Kochuveli Express/16315
  157. Timings changed for Brindavan exp
  158. BSR: Only station where Rajdhani halts, but passenger doesn't?
  159. Rayalaseema/17429 exp now leave at 15:35 for July 1st. More changes in SC-Tpty trains
  160. DEE Duronto and TN
  161. TNA-DR travel time
  162. The Winner from New Time Table
  163. CRLM - Carmelaaram - History
  164. WR's new Time Table
  165. One Cheer for Poor Paschim
  166. Gondwana express
  167. Mysore Chennai Shatabdi may be degraded from Jul 1
  168. Trains at a Glance 2012-13
  169. 2 Sets of AC Double Decker trains between Indore-Bhopal
  171. Bhopal Nagpur Shatabdi
  172. BDTS-Bhuj AC Exp. - another classy all-AC train from WR Mumbai
  173. Pushpak express schedule
  174. 12025/26 - PUNE-SC Shatabdi Timing from 01-Jul-12
  175. Timings of the PUNE SC Shatabdi changed
  176. An Interesting Train from Jhansi to Bandra (Mumbai)
  177. 12353/4 HWH-Lalkuan S/F
  178. 12761 / 62 Tirupati - Karimnagar bi-wkly express
  179. Strange schedule of Double Deckers
  180. AK-Purna section - rising from oblivion
  181. Shifting of train across terminals in Mumbai division
  182. Taag 2012-2013 tt14 & tt87
  183. Will extention to 11026 Pune - MMR express till BSL will really get patronage ?
  184. Where are the names (for trains) gone ?
  185. Availability of Time Tables 2012-13 at PUNE
  186. Miraj-Kurduwadi passenger
  187. Platform Info for Mumbai Suburban Railway
  188. Introductions of 3 trains in SCR postponed
  189. Mumbai Amravati Express revised timings?
  190. 17020\17019 Hyderabad Ajmer Weekly Express
  191. New Trains from ECoR
  192. 22133/22134 sur ypr superfast
  193. SER: CKP Division Updates:
  194. 16217 mys snsi exp and 19405 ypr adi ac exp
  195. Press Release from CR
  196. 22903/22904 bdts bhuj ac exp(tri-weekly)
  197. Scheduling of 22473 bikaner bandra express
  198. Confusion over Reshedule time of 19019 BDTS-Dehardoon express
  199. Possibility of diverting the 19406/19405 adi ypr ac exp via gr-wd-gtl
  200. EcoR starting new trains in full swing
  201. Re-route of Sabari Via SC-KRNT-GTL-BAY-JRU-ASK-HAS-MAQ-TVC possible?
  202. Duronto got stoppages ??
  203. Amaravathi Express halt at Dudhsagar
  204. Accommodation Availability Query
  205. Solapur - Yeshwantpur Express: Just 12 hours!!!!
  206. Secunderabad-Pune Shatabdi Dinner Timing
  207. Why doesn't WR extend Vadodara-Bhilad Exp to Mumbai/Bandra?
  208. 12955 BCT-JP Superfast express stoppages btwn Nagda-Kota
  209. Mumbai Howrah Duronto has a commercial stop at Nagpur?
  210. New TT for PUNE-LNL local trains effective from 29th July 2012
  211. 5 Digit numbering - did we decipher the logic?
  212. Goodbye to Chalukya Express
  213. How may time-tables ?
  214. Excessive slack time for the sc ltt duronto
  215. Timetable help required please
  216. Reviving the Old KK route via BZA-NDLS
  217. Tirupati - Kolhapur express via Kurduwadi , Miraj
  218. Totally wrong and misleading trainenquiry - 16338
  219. Utilization of rake of 17614 nanded pune exp for additional services
  220. Deccan Queen - Delay - 20th August 2011
  221. Superfast facing overtakes by 3 or more train on a daily basis
  222. Possible alteration of the schedule of 12432 - TVC RAJ
  223. Late running WR trains today
  224. Double Decker Train between Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam - Proposal from SCR
  225. 12525 KOAA- DBRG SF- a much-needed crack SF train in NFR
  226. Clashin schedules
  227. Any Idea when Bhuj BDTS AC Express is getting introduced
  228. Possibility of diversion of 12629/30 to save time and other benefits.
  229. NDLS BCT Duronto overtakes ERS Duronto?
  230. Solapur-Gulbarga-Yeshvantpur
  231. Possibility of a BCT-BRC Intercity/Jan shatabdi
  232. Does 18047 stop at Dudhsagar?
  233. ADI-PUNE Shatabdi
  234. Extension of Indore Nagpur and utilisation of Indore Yeswantpur Rake.
  235. List of Trains
  236. Regarding JHS halt of 12650 KSK
  237. Vadodara-South: Proposed Sri Aurobindo and Gyan-Jyoti SF Exps
  238. Proposal for superfast intercity from Trichy to Bangalore
  239. No. of SF trains in various divisions
  240. ER trains Cancelled?
  241. TAMIL NADU express to skip ET too from 1-1-2013!
  242. Speeding up Tamilnadu Express?
  243. Possibility of Incresing the Frequency of 12611/12 NZM-MAS Garib Rath
  244. Introduction of MAS BAY Overnight Passenger Train
  245. Change in timings of 22608 SBC ERS Exp
  246. Take a bow 12055 sir.
  247. Express Trains faster than Shatabdi / GaribRath
  248. Stops for PUNE-SC Shat...
  249. Garib rath special between JAT-ADI!!
  250. Ypr-adi 19405/19406...